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Aphlict does not properly guess root path of installation
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./bin/aphlict start does not default to the correct configuration file after upgrading our install

This is due to the path to Phabricator being populated in a directory not named phabricator

Steps to reproduce:

  • Populate Phabricator in a folder that is named 'htdocs', in our case /opt/bitnami/apps/phabricator/htdocs
  • Run ./bin/aphlict start

I'm not sure why bitnami chose to do this when building the virtual appliance they distribute... but I also don't notice any documentation saying that the folder name is important either.

I can pass the --config option and it works just fine, and ./bin/config is not affected and finds conf/local/local.json as expected.

This seems to double up the "phabricator" folder name in this case.

Reading configuration from: phabricator/conf/aphlict/aphlict.default.json
Usage Exception: Failed to read configuration file. File system entity '/opt/bitnami/apps/phabricator/phabricator/conf/aphlict/aphlict.default.json' does not exist.

phabricator 2c870bad8688544d356cb603486390250f218d8c (Mon, Apr 25)
arcanist a2ab38df78a9d111459fab8d0d63e74d811edf29 (Sat, Apr 16)
phutil 4b44d03ba60c8a67f70a91cb11765b8b61f73598 (Mon, Apr 25)

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This is a Bitnami issue, and you should report it to them. See Contributing Bug Reports:

We do NOT support third-party packages or instructions. If you installed Phabricator (or configured some aspect of it) using a third-party package or by following a third-party guide (like a blog post), we can not help you. Phabricator changes quickly and third-party information is unreliable and often falls out of date. Contact the maintainer of the package or guide you used, or reinstall following the upstream instructions.