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Wrong path to the `Notification Servers` status page in the documentation
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The Notifications User Guide: Setup and Configuration, in the section about Verifying Server Status says to go to ConfigNotification Servers to verify the status of the Aphlict server. However, running on HEAD (Phabricator: rP00885edc47d46caa9ff10ec133dfe503c07564f0), the verification page is at ConfigClusterNotification Servers.

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I don't have to click "Cluster", it's just a subheader. Are you seeing something different?

The current rule I try to use when describing navigation paths is that they only contain waypoints that you actually click, and I believe this path completely describes all the clicks.

My thinking is that you can "Find on Page..." in your browser if you're having a hard time finding a link on a particular page, and we potentially end up in messy territory like ConfigLeft Menu"Cluster" SubheaderNotification ServersMain Content Panel if we try to guide you through every part of the information architecture. I think this is potentially less clear (it's not obvious which instructions are navigational and which are contextual) and more likely to fall out of date (the instructions would become wrong if we changed the header name, while the more concise instructions would still be accurate).

Does that make sense? Do you think a different rule is better? If so, what rule would you use to include Cluster but exclude cues like Left Menu? Or do you think it's better if we do spell out very long paths which specifically guide you through each movement?

I am seeing the same, and it makes sense, once you know it only contains waypoints that you click.

I think I am seeing the navigation path as if I was wandering through menus, to get to the desired menu item. In that sense, I would skip Left Menu as there is only one menu (excluding the "header" of the page) and the Main Content Panel since I only consider menus. As Notification Servers is found in the subheader Cluster, it is as if I reached by accessing a submenu Cluster.

I am unsure whether a different rule would be better. I totally get your point about not wanting very long paths, and anyone would find the notification servers page with the current instructions. I opened this bug report because I thought the documentation was out-of-date compared to the UI.

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