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Can't push to git remote repository
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  1. Move to project directory
  2. Type git push origin <branch>
  3. Return error:
Exception: Trying to synchronize after write, but not holding a write lock!
error: failed to push some refs to 'ssh://git@<server>:22/diffusion/<project>/<project>.git'

It's reproduce in all diffusion repositories.

phabricator 110223c1a730de6529b3559f6e7f5603a19fa51c (Tue, Apr 12)
arcanist 737f5c0df976fe2b3178aac6ab7feb3d3621d99e (Sat, Apr 9)
phutil a46f7b7e5d8073a91e89f7facc9fea62baaca7e8 (Sun, Apr 10)