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non-visible panel results in whole dashboard being hidden
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If you create a dashboard where one of the panels is not visible to a user,

When that user goes to the page instead of just hiding that one panel, you get a full page Permission Denied, even if they have viewing rights to the dashboard and multiple panels on it.

I would expect that one panel to be hidden, but the rest being visible. At worst (and this would be worse than hidding) would be to display a panel square with Permission Denied for that given panel. But I would much rather have it hidden, that way I can add group specific elements on a default installed dashboard.


  1. Create a new dashboard with default widgets, viewable by "all".
  2. Install the dashboard on another user.
  3. Change on of the panels to only be visible to some project which that user is not a member of
  4. User now gets a full screen permission denied for the dashboard, doesn't get a single panel

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