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Add the Herald rule condition "when the revision has been closed"
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I'm using Herald to trigger a Jenkins build able to deploy an environment with the reviewed branch when I create or update a revision.

This environment is accessible via an URL like and I can review the feature before reviewing the code and before accepting the revision.

I created another Jenkins job able to destroy a previously created environment and it would be great to be able to run this build (via harbormaster for example) when the revision has been accepted and landed.

Event Timeline

I have build kind of thing out myself, using polling to check what revisions are open, then diff my list of "envs / build jobs" that I have running and then make the two line up. It would nice if it could be event based and triggered by herald.

Interesting. Time to update my bot. Thanks!

eadler added a project: Restricted Project.Apr 11 2016, 9:41 PM