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Please add an option to arc diff or arc land that can create revisions only and not push
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Hi this is a feature request.

Please add an option to arc diff or arc land that allows us to create the revision only without pushing please.

Since arc land needs a revision and arc diff creates it but then pushes it.

It has an option to create the diff only, please also do this for revision that create everything without pushing.

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epriestley closed this task as Invalid.EditedApr 4 2016, 11:52 AM
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@paladox, you've been warned repeatedly about your consistently low-quality interactions with this upstream.

Despite repeated warnings, we don't seem to be making any headway. You do not seem to have taken these warnings to heart, or even understand that your behavior is a problem.

This request does not follow the very clear requirements laid out in Contributing Feature Requests and Describing Root Problems. Beyond that, these flags already exist, and are easily discoverable by reading arc help land and and arc help diff.

Because your interactions are a consistently poor use of our time and we aren't making progress toward improving them, you are no longer welcome to interact with the upstream. I am disabling your account.