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Comments on images in Differential (Right Side) cause JS error
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steps to reproduce:

  1. git checkout -b cats
  2. git add cat.jpg
  3. git commit -m "cats!"
  4. arc diff master --verbatim
  5. open Revision
  6. add comment to (right side) image
  7. submit
  8. reload Revision
  9. try to mark the comment as Done, click reply, or in any other way interact with the comment

expected result: I expect the comment on the image to function exactly like comments on code files do, as it appears exactly the same

reality: clicks on any part of the comment don't do anything. the Done checkbox gets its "active" state but on release doesn't switch to "selected" state. Javascript console is full of core.pkg.js:2 Uncaught Error: JX.$('C2535NL1') call matched no nodes. errors that get triggered on mouseenter/mouseleave and click events

reproduced on: phacility instance

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Thanks, I can reproduce this as well (e.g. D15565).

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I think a workaround is to swap the particular changeset into unified mode (View OptionsView Unified) and then interact with the comment, but the fix seems trivial and straightforward.

This should now be resolved in HEAD of master. I've deployed the change here, and verified I can interact with the comment in D15565.

This should reach Phacility instances on the next deploy, which will happen tomorrow morning (about 18 hours from now). I think the "Unified" workaround should work in the meantime if you have some stuff you really want to mark done or reply to.

Thanks for the report! Your detailed reproduction steps were very helpful in understanding and resolving the issue.

my pleasure! thanks for the swift reaction and resolution, and very clear messaging on when we can expect the fix to be available on the phacility instance.

the issue is not blocking and the workaround is acceptable.