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Allow emails only for @mentions
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This feature is very relevant for people who created tasks that want to know when they need to act on the task, but not see every detail.

Right now we have many members of our company that get a large volume of Phab email because they're subscribed to a lot of tasks. Similar to Slack, when someone sends an @mention with their name, the intention is to grab this person's attention. As such, we'd like those people to catch these emails.

I tried playing with Gmail filters to catch these, but Gmail doesn't recognize special characters.

Similar to Slack, it would be great to configure email notifications so they only get emails that @mention their name, specifically. This could be exposed as an additional dropdown option for each of the items in email prefs, or it could be done as a global "only send me emails when I am @mention'ed".

Note: if any of the above already exists, I did not discover it anywhere in the Email Prefs screen.