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show same visual detailing on tasks in "all documents" search as is shown in maniphest search
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Extracted from T10589

On my phabricator homepage, "Search Current Application" functions the same as "Search All Documents" - most of the time when I want to do anything in Maniphest, I load Phabricator and do a search but it always takes me to this "very simplified experience" without task priority, ownership, or project info instead of the Maniphest search experience. I think the best way to remedy this negative experience would be to have the list UI in "Search all documents" show the same detail of content for Maniphest items as a Maniphest search does. The rest of the items, e.g. wiki pages, can be as they are today in there as necessary. But we'd love the level of detail in Maniphest search that's available in global search (e.g. priority colors, etc.), because right now using Global search for Maniphest feels...not useless, per se, but an inconvenient/annoying experience which has caused a general consensus in our organization of "phabricator search is broken" - in reality I know it's not broken, it's just some of these user experience details make it feel clunky/annoying for us.