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Markup of new Details card is missing a <table />
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First of all, the new layout looks great, although I saw it wasn't quite consistent.

VersionCurrently deployed version on (as of 2016-03-21)

Reproduction steps:

pasted_file (240×551 px, 28 KB)

Couldn't think of a good issue title, so might have missed an already existing issue on here.
(Also, it's my first issue, so let me know feedback on the quality of this issue)

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Version information is required for bug reports, as is updating before you file a bug report.

Specifically I expect this to be resolved with d5f9e49e29c1. Can you confirm with an update please?

We personally are not on any version with the new layout, so I can't say it fixes it.
I just drive-by reported a bug I saw on this instance.

If you believe it is fixed you can close this, I will reopen if this is not the case of course.

I will confirm when we will do our next update of Phabricator.
Thanks for your time, much appreciated.

No problem. We don't keep this install at HEAD at all times, for what it's worth.

I see you already found an existing issue, sorry for the noise.

We don't keep this install at HEAD at all times

I understand, I didn't think this was the case anyway. I just figured I'd let this issue be known so it will at least be fixed.