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Conduit - 「maniphest.edit 」when changing column, always throw「Validation errors」
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When trying to change the project column of a task, I always get:

Validation errors:
  - You can only put a task into an initial column during task creation.


I can modify the project column through this API

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@chad Probably the same purpose.

But I was expecting maniphest.edit can edit tasks' project column, since it's in the document.

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This transaction can only create a task into a column, it can't move a task. That's why the documentation says "Create into a workboard column.".

There are various technical reasons for this, largely arising from Conduit using the same underlying EditEngine that all other edit interfaces do, but the upshot is that there are no workboards APIs today. I'm going to merge this into T5214, which describes implementing them.