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Consistency of status search fields across applications
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Maniphest has a nice multi-selection feature for status search fields. Differential and Audit do not, and only allow you to search for one status at a time. But you should be able to search for revisions in one of multiple statuses like you can with Maniphest Tasks. I didn't check many other applications.
Wasn't sure if this should be filed as a bug or a feature request.

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Sounds like Design Feedback (see T10208) as a general task, which we generally don't accept.

I would follow Contributing Feature Requests and file a single task per search form that you are having problems with.

For Differentia/Auditl see T9372 for the task to improve search and bucketing.

We generally don't want to be in the business of spending time debating design opinions

If you actually have an opinion against consistency here then I'm not going to debate it with you, I figured this seemed fairly uncontroversial.

Yeah, overall I don't think using a tokenizer universally is a good idea for statuses across Phabricator, but they make a lot of sense perhaps in a few key applications like the ones you mention. I just don't want us to make some forms harder to use/understand for the sake of consistency.

Sure, so it's not the idea of consistency here that's the issue, it's which existing implementation to actually go with, and you're not convinced Maniphest's one is the way forward?

I see Paste and Owners have simple checkboxes - that seems fine for a few status options (not sure about Projects use of that for Icons and Colours though). Some other applications (e.g. Projects and Passphrase) use a selection dropdown for 'A', 'B', 'All' - but that's not much use beyond two possible statuses.