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Maniphest report by project not showing proper results
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Hi Team;
When generating reports under /maniphest/report/, the number of "Recently Closed" tickets stays the same irrespective of the project selected in the filtering. Other values reflect the filtering by project.

Expected behaviour: the number of Recently Closed tickets reported should be related only to the project on the filtering.

Version is latest master. I can also reproduce on

This is happening at least since Feb 8, 2016. I can't tell if it was like this before.

Let me know if you need additional information

Thanks in advance.

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I can't reproduce this locally nor on this install. What steps can I take to reproduce the issue you are seeing?

Actually I think I understand what you're saying, but I'm not positive it ever worked like you expect, but maybe it did.

If I search for Maniphest I see 13 bug reports closed. If I search for Differential I also see 13 bug reports closed. My guess is we want to give A && B search results.

Yes that is what I found.
I can't confirm it was ever different :)

I would imagine it is not by design because all other columns reflect the values according to the filtered project, except the "Recently Closed"

Every task here has the latest progress / information already. There isn't a second task tracker, we develop in the open.

Found something to reproduce this problem, or at least, I assume that plays a big role in it:

  • open the maniphest burnup rate chart
  • note the current numbers
  • create 2 tasks/bugs in maniphest
  • note the current numbers (should be +2 in summary)
  • merge task 2 as duplicate of task 1
  • note the current numbers (2 opened, 1 closed, okay so far)
  • reopen task 2
  • note the current numbers (3 opened, 1 closed, permanently added +1 to the stats)

if you close both its resulting in a 3 opened, 2 closed summary.
If you move them into another project now, they immediately count as

3 opened,
2 closed,
+1 total

So they take their +1 error with them to every project they participate.

  • Andy

Just merging this over to Facts, I don't anticipate allocating any resources to Maniphest reports before Facts ships.