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"Ghost" user created in external accounts table under certain circumstances
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On our install, we have an LDAP auth provider enabled but we do not allow registration through it. Instead we manually import users as needed. Whenever a user logs in with their LDAP account before I have imported them, a "ghost" user with their username gets added to the external accounts table even though they themselves do not have a phabricator user account yet (and are correctly prevented from logging in). This entry in the external accounts table prevents me from being able to import their account through the LDAP importer. Each time this happens I have to manually go delete that row from the external accounts table in order to import their account through LDAP.

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I'm just going to merge this into T5953. The LDAP importer is a contributed patch from yesteryear which we wouldn't bring upstream today, and unlikely to see improvements outside of a more formal upstream effort in T5953.