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Filesystem Exception error message after upgrading Phabricator
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I have just upgraded a Phabricator instance from around November 2015 to current software. However, after performing the steps, outlined in the Upgrading Phabricator document (, I'm seeing the following exception error message upon my attempt to access the system:


File system entity '/phabricator/phabricator/resources/sprite/manifest/main-header.json' does not exist.

It is most likely not a defect, but, perhaps, something wrong that I have done inadvertently. Regardless, I would appreciate your help ASAP, as this is a single development instance I have (I plan to convert all that to multiple Docker images and build a Docker-based CI pipeline, but haven't had a chance yet, plus I'm learning Docker in parallel).

Thank you very much in advance!

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Did you restart your webserver, php-fpm, etc?

Definitely is a restart issue. That file was removed and you shouldn't have any current code looking for it. Either your pulls were incomplete or your webserver / php wasn't restarted (we cache lots of stuff). See also

@avivey @chad Thank you for your attention. Yes, I did - please see below for the happy end :-).

I decided to restart the whole server just in case, if not all of my individual restart commands per documentation (nginx, php5-fpm, aphlict) were successful. After the server restart the main UI appeared just fine. However, my attempt to see the projects resulted in the following error message:

Unhandled Exception ("AphrontSchemaQueryException")
#1054: Unknown column 'milestoneNumber' in 'where clause'

NOTE: This usually indicates that the MySQL schema has not been properly upgraded. Run 'bin/storage upgrade' to ensure your schema is up to date.

I figured that the storage upgrade --force command that I used in the upgrade script hasn't worked, so I decided to run it manually again without --force argument. It turned out that my assumption was right. After manual DB schema upgrade (which involved upgrading + fixing some DB errors/inconsistencies) and restarting all services, I was greeted with a shiny new UI of Phabricator. Uff... Great! It seems that everything works well (at least, on the surface). Again, thank you!

This task can be closed as Resolved.

(Technically, "invalid", because it's not a bug.)