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On workboards, distinguish between "drag to column" and "drag to specific place in column"
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For priority (and, in the future, assignee) columns, there is currently no way to move a card into the column without also updating it.

In many cases (and perhaps by default), users want to move a task between columns but don't want to reprioritize it or reassign it. There's no drag interaction which corresponds to this intent, and it isn't easy to put the card in exactly the right slot.

The JS should distinguish between the idea of "drag to column" (just change the column, task might reorder to somewhere else) and "drag to specific location in column" (change the column, and also update the task).

Most of the work here is updating the JS to distinguish between these cases, but we also have to decide how the interaction should work. Two ideas:

  • Dragging to the margins of a column drags to the column, dragging into the column itself drags to a specific place.
  • Dragging to a column just moves. Dragging within a column reprioritizes/reassigns. Drag + shift lets you do both at once (advanced!).

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epriestley claimed this task.

Some adjacent work in T13074 may build on this, and we might do "drag + shift" at some point, but this is substantially resolved.