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Unable to set default page for some projects
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The new UI for setting default project pages doesn't always seem to work. We have some projects for which the setting cannot be saved.

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I'm trying to set the Workboard as the default page here. Usually you can just click on the button, which will then turn green. In this case it won't and the Project Details page will stay the default page.

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I can't reproduce this.

If you control-click or right-click and open the pin icon in a new window, does that give you any more information?

Unfortunately it doesn't. I get the confirmation popup in a separate window, click Make default and I am redirected to the settings screen without the setting being saved.

I haven't been able to find any specific project properties that may cause the bug for this project. For example, the project has its profile page hidden (we don't do that for any other project) but reenabling it doesn't fix the problem.

Anything in your PHP error_log?

There are some errors in the log, but they seem unrelated:


I have encountered the same issue in one out of about 7 projects. The only thing i seems to remember doing is setting it a few times to different pages while it was working, until it stopped.

I have a repro in my sandbox, will dig around.

Nice. This is likely something easy/simple/silly, I just haven't been able to reproduce it locally and the answer has yet to come to me in a dream.

Seems like once you mess with the order of the tabs, the default doesn't work.