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Assign projects to spaces
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I've been searching for a while but I only found T8493 that is closed, unfortunately. I would like to organize our Phabricator instance with spaces, but I would need to assign my projects to those spaces. I want the followers of a space only to see the regarding projects. There is no way for that, so I decided to use parent projects for that. This way it works pretty good, but I don't really get the benefit of the spaces, then.
There is also a question on stackoverflow.

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I am also unsure about how to use spaces if they cannot be applied projects.

I created a space that is visible to project members of project X, but there seems to be no possibility to attach the space to the tasks that are created within this project. Is there a way to perform this?

Yes, I understood the general behavior. I also read this documentation. What I could not find, however, was if there is any possibility to set tasks visibility by standard based on their associated project.

There is not, and never will be. Associated projects never affect policies, so there is no possibility to make them start affecting policies. I'm not sure what's unclear about this.

Maybe I have not understand this and I could also not found any documentation for this topic.

My situation is the following:
Among other Phabricator project, there is one project which manages more extensive tasks. This project is visible only for a small amount of Phabricator users. The Spaces user guide seems to be the place to look for a solution for this situation. What I want to achieve is that new tasks created from the project's workboard use by standard a specific space (to be clear, a space I created which is visible to all project members of this project). Is there any possibility to achieve this?

If not, why do spaces exist at all? If I have to set the space for each created task individually, then I could also do this by setting the "Visible to" button.

I would recommend creating a custom Maniphest form and requiring people who need to create tasks in those spaces, use those forms from the Quick Create menu. Custom forms are not currently available on Workboards, they will be at some point.

In general you should use the correct tool for your job. It sounds like Phabricator's current model and development pace is not what you need, and then we'd recommend finding a better tool for these things, like possibly JIRA? Keep in mind the upstream is 2 unpaid developers and JIRA is a billion dollar company. Those tools are likely better suited for corporate secret needs.

@chad : Thank you for your answer, that is very helpful. I will wait for custom forms on workboards.

eadler added a project: Restricted Project.Aug 5 2016, 5:05 PM

I'm going to merge this into T11580 because I think that describes what remains here.