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Automatically add "git describe" as a comment to a task
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I create the name for my installer using git describe:

git describe --long --tags --always --match SOG*

which gives me something like: SOG-6.0.1-705-g15967d1


git rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD gives me the current branch name (e.g. development)

After some string operation I end up with the installer name:


It would be nice to add this name automatically as a comment to the task.

This would help my colleagues to find out if a task is deployed or not. Of course we do not create an installer for every commit so sog-development-desktop-x64-b705 may never be build but one can easily find out that the task is not resolved in sog-development-desktop-x64-b704

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I think this feature is far too niche (use of git describe is rare in the wild) and crude (it doesn't actually tell you information about deployment status, and you don't actually use the raw git describe output, and the output is not necessarily related to the build) to bring upstream. We also already link up the commit, which shows branches, which usually provide some related information in standard setups.

We will eventually have better tools for first-class deployment tracking, T9530 contains high level discussion. This is probably 1-2 years away. I'd like to answer "is this deployed?" by actually showing deployment status, not by approximating it with crude hints.

As a workaround, you may be able to use the API (maniphest.edit) to, e.g., have a bot or script post comments to tasks.