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How to say to Phabricator to send mail directly?
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We are using Phabricator for our projects but we have a problem with the mails. We received the mail only hours after the updates. It's kind of under productive sometime...

How could I fix this? How could I say Phabricator to send the mail directly? I hardly find any information about the mail setting...

When I execute the command

bin/mail resend --id whateverid

the mail is queued but after 2 hours I still didn't received the email.

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This greatly depends on Your mail configuration. For example, our install has local mail server used for sending as well as some mailboxess i's sending to are local, giving near instantenous mail.

I'd recommed You to share here your mail configuration. Also, with sending mail there's multiple obstacles on the way, like spam filtering, graylists, spf checking etc etc, so to further analyze why mail takes so long to get to You, you could analyze mail headers in received mail - that way you'll see where's the holdup. Another (very good imo) tip is to have phabricator open constantly and having notifications enabled - near instant message delivery guaranteed!

Where can find more information concerning the mail system.

Until now I found only this

From my understanding, there is no cronjob for sending email but there is this phd that manage the deamon and trigger a function to send mail. But the workflow is really not clear, therefor it is hard to debug.

I don't know if it's a problem from mail server or from Phabricator.

Thanks for your help.

When I run the following command, I receive the email directly:

php -r "mail('', 'test', 'test');"

Still didn't receive anything with:

./mail send-test --to myuser < test.txt

Using exactly the same email address.

And so - You must've misconfigured outbound mail :)  or something like that :)

Properly configured outbound mail works. Your outbound mail desn't work (as you report), threfore, your outbound mail configuration is wrong - that's what I meant.

Then how can I reconfigure this outbound mail.

In my "Email Preferences" is have all email enable, anyhow this setting should not have any impact on the test email command.
When I run a normal php command to mail it work well.
I didn't found in the documentation any information about how to configure the outbound mail. Where should I do this? Inside a config file? On the web interface?

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