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How to disable creation of reviews without a repository?
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Asked by marcobjorge on Jun 1 2017, 12:50 PM.


We want to enforce access policies to reviews (differential) and those are based on the access policy of the repository (diffusion). However, since it's possible to create reviews without a repository, those review would be wild open to everyone.

How can we prevent the creation of reviews that don't have a repository?

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Use Herald to create a rule that prevents creation of reviews without repository.


Updated 723 Days Ago

Create a Herald rule like this:

Global rule that acts on Differential Diffs:

[ Repository ] [ does not exist ]
Take actions:
[ Block diff with message ] [ "Diffs must have a repository." ]

You may want to make the message, e.g., have the URL for a wiki page because next steps may not be clear if users hit this after running arc without understanding how to configure things locally.

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