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How can I download a single file from a git repository via phabricator web interface?

Asked by silverskysoft on Sep 29 2016, 10:19 PM.


Generally, I'd like to download config files / other scripts that are version tracked in git.
ideally if there is a way to directly reference head it would be great.
maybe some thing like":<some_access_key>/{commitID|HEAD}/

should start the file download.

We can simply use this automated deployment and docker so we can simple get the latest file without downloading the entire repo. The repo can contain various other scripts that are not necessary for this VM instance. For instance I don't need to download entire mysql config scripts when setting up NGINX proxy scripts.

Is there such a feature?


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Updated 2,610 Days Ago

If it's a simple text file, you can use something like
curl -L, although that doesn't work for binary files.

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