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Restricting File upload to certain groups or project

Asked by caov297 on Aug 18 2016, 3:55 PM.


For the File application, is there any mechanism to limit upload capability to only those that belongs to certain groups/projects? The idea is that we don't want to allow for everyone to be able to upload huge amount of files, we only want a few limit people in our release team to upload sw packages that then everyone can download. I know you can fine grain restrict to who can see the uploaded files but I couldn't find an option to restrict the upload operation, but maybe i wasn't look hard enough.


Updated 2,830 Days Ago

Everyone needs access to Files, since it refers to any file (ie, profile images, image uploads in tasks, etc). Are you seeing abuse or is this just hypothetical?

Updated 2,829 Days Ago

hypothetical. The reason being is that we will be using phabricator as an external facing release software portal for our customer. We would push our release code to diffusion where customer can then pull/clone from not but push. We will also upload software packages, one-off executable files, large files for customer to consume. We have made our server upload limit to be maximum 512MB in size due to certain packages and drop that we release can get quite big. Since that limit is quite large, we are worried user may abuse this capabliity to upload anything and everything. However if you guys haven't seen this raised before then maybe its not a major issue.

Updated 2,829 Days Ago

See also T7593 for some related discussion.

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