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Can you be more regular in posting updates to your roadmap and starmap?
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Asked by kristo.mario on Jul 23 2016, 1:31 PM.


Hello peeps at phabricator,

I have a question or maybe you can treat it as proposition, since it really is that so not sure if Ponder is the place to ask and is Public & Media Relations a correct tag but it seems so.

My company has a medium phabricator instance running (~150 active users, we're up to task 15k, etc). We're very addicted to phab and it makes our lives easier. We are at stable branch and we do regular updates to the system (biweekly mostly).

I am a subscriber to your changelog, roadmap, starmap and your development log and I'm hyped for every new Saturday morning/noon entry (I'm in CET timezone) . Usually, I scroll around the recent tasks and the things you're commenting and working on at the moment but it's very hard to anticipate what you're going to release next.

I know that you are maximizing throughput and that's ok because I'm not asking about dates, I'm just asking that your roadmap is updated at least every 3-4 releases to stable just have a high-level overview of your short-term plans. Also, you could put your Prioritized work there as well.

Can that be arranged? On the other hand, do you have any propositions for me to track your development easier?


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Is there a broader problem we can help solve? Does being able to anticipate changes change any decisions, or just satisfy curiosity?

The roadmap/starmap (and the retrospective sections of the changelog) are more out-of-date than usual, but I'm hesitant to put them on a regular update schedule vs a "when I get around to them" schedule if they're purely satisfying curiosity.

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