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task hierarchy template
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Asked by sshannin on Mar 21 2016, 5:38 PM.


We often find ourselves wanting to make a task tree that looks very similar to ones we've had in the past. For example, when adding a new person, we get something like:

  • Add user xyz
    • Setup user xyz in ldap
    • Setup email for xyz
    • Get paperwork for xyz
    • etc.

Where we have on the order of 30 well-defined subtasks that are done by different people.

We've taken a couple approaches so far. Most straightforward but laborious is we manually replicate the task tree from the last time. This is not great. In other cases, we've opted to use a checklist in a task description where everybody kinda knows which pieces is theirs and just edits the task to indicate completion:

  • setup email
  • ldap
  • paperwork

This is easier to clone, but is more unwieldy to use in that the different pieces can't be assigned or managed in a workboard independently.

So that's my rough problem (and how I've attempted to cope with it so far). Are there any suggestions on how to model such a situation?

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