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How can I make arc lint with rubocop output patches?
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Asked by getaaron on Mar 16 2016, 4:13 PM.


I have arc lint configured with rubocop:

$ arc linters
 AVAILABLE   ruby (Ruby)
 CONFIGURED  rubocop (Ruby static code analyzer)
 AVAILABLE   script-and-regex (Script and Regex)
(Run `arc linters --verbose` for more details.)

I tried running with --amend-all and got some suggestions that I think should be auto-fixable. For example:

$ arc lint --amend-all file.rb

>>> Lint for file.rb:

   Warning  (Style/StringLiterals) RuboCop
    Prefer single-quoted strings when you don't need string interpolation or
    special symbols.

    >>>        4   describe "invitation" do

But no changes are applied. The repo is under git source control.

How can I make arc lint apply a patch?


Updated 3,043 Days Ago

That's a feature of the linter driver, and the Rubocop driver ( doesn't implement it.

To implement, you need to call setOriginalText() and setReplacementText() on the message object with the appropriate patch.

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