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Is it Possible to Mirror two Phabricator Instances?
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Asked by slashsBin on Mar 2 2016, 8:53 PM.


Is it possible to install and setup two separate Phabricator instances on two servers and mirror/synchronize them with each other in a way that both of them act as read/write access to all phabricator applications?


What I'll like to achieve is to have two phabricators:

  1. Server1: is on the net, has valid IP
  2. Server2: is on private net, does not have valid IP

I want to be able to interact with both Server1 and Server2, like: access maniphest task, add new ones, comment on them, push to diffusion repositories, write new phame posts, write new phriction documents, so on ..., and they become synchronized/mirrored to each other so that it doesn't matter which server you have access to.
This scenario makes possible few things:

  1. Teams who have only access to Server2 can do things much faster, without the need to internet access
  2. Teams(remote) who have only access to Server1 can collaborate with those who worked with Server2
  3. No need to complain about poor internet speed or other things with IT guys ... you see: corporate networks have strict rules on private networks.


Updated 1,787 Days Ago

You can have two copies of the Webserver, that share the same database and repositories, but that's complicated (See here).

There's no other way to "synchronize" 2 installs. Most places just put the install on the public side, and set up the network such that the same DNS entry works both inside and outside the network, or put it inside and use VPN.

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