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Impossible to set boolean param with curl?
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Asked by benjumanji on Feb 26 2016, 2:46 PM.


curl \
  -d api.token=api-some-key\
  -d buildTargetPHID=PHID-HMBT-some-phid \
  -d artifactKey=jenkins.uri \
  -d artifactData[uri]="http://build:8080/job/blah" \
  -d artifactType=uri \
  -d artifactData[name]="Jenkins Build" \
  -d artifactData[ui.external]=1

Always complains with the following:

{"result":null,"error_code":"ERR-CONDUIT-CORE","error_info":"Parameter 'ui.external' has invalid type. Expected type 'optional bool', got type 'string'."}

What silly thing am I doing wrong?

EDIT: Task raised:


Updated 2,973 Days Ago

Does literal true work?

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