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Diffusion browsing broken on recently upgraded / migrated install
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Asked by benjumanji on Feb 16 2016, 5:04 PM.
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Feb 16 2016, 5:04 PM


I am sure this is something I have done, but I am struggling. I followed the guide here:

All the paths line up, all the permissions seems to be ok. I can pull and push from the repositories but when I browser them I am confronted with a sea of yellow git commands failing to run (see attached).

I am on the latest code (phabricator @ e4690a385).

Any thoughts?

diffusion.png (1×3 px, 584 KB)


Updated 3,019 Days Ago

Answer: was moving to centos 7 from Ubuntu, all this breakage was caused by selinux.

I am a fool.

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