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Use arc with a bot account
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Asked by Luke081515.2 on Dec 19 2015, 4:03 PM.


For some specific reasons, I want to use arc with a bot account at one host. The problem: I need a condiut token. URL/conduit/login/ gives a cli- token only for registered users, and I can not generate a cli- token at URL/settings/panel/apitokens/, only a api- token. Is there a way how I can get a cli- token for the botaccount, or do I need to create a normal account for that bot?


Updated 1,975 Days Ago

I reported this a while ago.

Anyway you can paste any valid cli-token (yours for instance) in arc installcertificate then edit the .arcrc to put the bot api-token !
See T9692 !

Please follow @avivey answer, I wasn't awre of that option.

Updated 1,975 Days Ago

The recommended way to do this is to add --conduit-token <conduit-token> to the arc command line, instead of editing .arcrc.

This removes coupling between the script and the location where the script is run.

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