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Can I treat some users as second class citizens?
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Asked by agenticarus on Dec 16 2015, 2:23 PM.


Is it possible to prevent users who are not part of a project (say 'Engineering', for this use case) from approving Differential revisions? We'd like them to still be able to view and comment on the revisions, but their 'Approval' should not count as far as allowing the developer to land the code.

I guess we could achieve something similar by having a 'Blocking Reviewers: Engineering' on every diff, but I'm not sure if that's the best way to go.


Updated 1,633 Days Ago

Adding "Blocking Reviewers: Engineering" is the best approach. You can have Herald automatically apply it to ask revisions.
Engineers should know that non-eng are not real people, and avoid landing when appropriate (non-eng can be blocked from landing/pushing).
Accepting a revision is more or less a fancy form of comment - saying "this is good", but on a more structured way.

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