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help! click "edit task" or "create subtask",shows 404
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Asked by jiangzhifei on Dec 10 2015, 2:25 PM.


when i click "edit task" or "create subtask",it shows 404,and the url is myhost/maniphest/task/edit/1,after i remove "task" from the url,which is :myhost/maniphest/edit/1,it's ok.

how can i fix it?


Updated 2,136 Days Ago

Upgrade Phabricator.

Please see Contributing Bug Reports for instructions on reporting bugs. The "Common Fixes" section of that document has some common fixes, including "Upgrade Phabricator", which is the most common way to resolve issues.

This issue was introduced by D14717 (Dec 8) and resolved about 10 hours later by rP7d0aaf5 + rP2677380 (Dec 9).

For instructions on how to upgrade, see Upgrading Phabricator.

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