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How to create and deploy custom linters?
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Asked by OCram on Nov 13 2015, 8:52 AM.



I would like to customize some existing linters, like ArcanistTextLinter to work with files developed under windows.

Therefore I checked the guides Arcanist User Guide: Customizing Existing Linters and Customizing Lint, Unit Tests and Workflows.

But I'm still not sure what the easiest way is to integrate and deploy them.

If I get everything right this would be the common way:

  1. customize the existing ArcanistTextLinter into a new file and class
  2. update the class map for local arcanist with arc liberate
  3. check the new linter with arc linters
  4. configure the new linter in .arclint in git repos.
  5. repeat step 2 - 4 on every Arcanist source for all users and phabricator instance

Is there an easier way to deploy the custom linters without running arc liberate? - The problem is, it's not possible to run it with a git windows client newer than 1.9.5-preview, because they removed make in mingw64.


Updated 1,725 Days Ago

You can either:

  • Fork Arcanist, make your modifications, and have all users install that fork.
  • Create a new library, and share that with all users. You can share it inside your main project, or as a separate repository.
  • Use the Extensions directory to throw your new class in. Each user would need to install it again, but you don't have to run arc liberate.

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