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Does Phabricator include a comprehensive time tracker?
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Asked by jatazoulja on Oct 10 2015, 1:08 PM.
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I partly own a company of freelancer and I would like to monitor there work through Phabricator's Maniphest.

I was able to add estimate time and actual time on maniphest but the object of time tracking is still off...
I am looking for something like "Clarity" resource management

here's the question; is Phabricator capable of doing so? if not can I customize to make it so?
if the later is more feasible would anyone like to help me implement this?

this would boost up Phabricator for small scale business that manage freelancers/outsourced...


Updated 804 Days Ago

Phabricator includes a prototype called Phrequent, to help track time on certain objects. It's very rough and not likely useful for most comprehensive cases. You can follow our Starmap to understand better what's included in Phabricator and the Roadmap to know what we're working on now. I don't expect Phrequent to get upstream developer time for quite some time. If you have a business need, it's better to use a tool today that solves your problems.

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