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Why doesn't the topic line on #phabricator point here?
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Asked by robla on Sep 14 2015, 5:38 PM.


See this exchange on #phabricator on Freenode from September 4:

<mutante> hi, do you have an ER diagram of the database(s) schema?
<mutante> i want to lookup stuff like "users in group XY"
<robla> mutante: I don't know your an answer to your question, but I think maybe might be a good place to ask
<robla> I asked something here earlier this week without answer, so I was thinking about bringing my question up there.
<svemir1> i think a correct protocol is to ping epriestley
<mutante> robla: ok, thanks
<epriestley> That is never ever the correct protocol. ;_;
<ostriches> Heh
<robla> epriestley: \o howdy.... is my advice (more or less) correct?
<epriestley> Yeah, that's more reasonable. We're sorting through how all this stuff works in the upstream since "ping epriestley" has passed the point of being scalable.
<epriestley> So there should be better / more specific guidance soon.
<epriestley> Since I'm here anyway, the answer to your question is: no.

My questions:

  1. When is "soon"? :-)
  2. Could someone change the topic line of #phabricator to include something to the effect of "If you don't get your question answered here, try <>"?


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