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Highlighting code block with diff formatting
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Asked by sshannin on Sep 7 2015, 3:02 PM.


I'm pasting a text diff in standard format in a comment. I would like to highlight it as a diff (adds/removes different colors).

When viewing other files, I can do Highlight As -> Diff, but when pasting my block comment, nothing seems to happen if I do lang=Diff. Is there any way to make that block render as a diff.


< a
> b

Summary: it actually is highlighting the --- section marker, which I didn't notice. It's just a mostly useless highlight.


Updated 1,728 Days Ago

According to the Remarkup Reference to use syntax highlighting you need to have Pygments enabled along with using the syntax:

< a
> b

I tried this on my system and it appears to highlight, as it does in the example you have above (the three hyphens appear red).

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