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(An Untitled Masterwork)

Authored by amckinley on May 1 2018, 12:03 AM.
~/src/phacility/phabricator (master) $ ./bin/storage upgrade
Before running storage upgrades, you should take down the Phabricator web
interface and stop any running Phabricator daemons (you can disable this
warning with --force).
Are you ready to continue? [y/N] y
Applying patch "instances:20180430.ferret.1.issues.doc.sql" to host ""...
Applying patch "instances:20180430.ferret.2.issues.field.sql" to host ""...
Applying patch "instances:20180430.ferret.3.issues.ngrams.sql" to host ""...
Storage is up to date. Use "storage status" for details.
Synchronizing static tables...
Verifying database schemata on ""...
Database Table Name Issues
local_support support_issue_fdocument key_object Missing Key
local_support support_issue_fdocument key_author Missing Key
local_support support_issue_fdocument key_owner Missing Key
local_support support_issue_fdocument key_created Missing Key
local_support support_issue_fdocument key_modified Missing Key
local_support support_issue_ffield key_documentfield Missing Key
local_support support_issue_fngrams key_ngram Missing Key
local_support support_issue_fngrams key_object Missing Key
Found 8 adjustment(s) to apply, detailed above.
You can review adjustments in more detail from the web interface, in Config > Database Status. To better understand the adjustment workflow, see "Managing Storage Adjustments" in the documentation.
MySQL needs to copy table data to make some adjustments, so these migrations may take some time.
Apply these schema adjustments? [y/N] y
Applying schema adjustments...
Completed applying all schema adjustments.
Target Error
local_support.support_issue_fngrams_common Missing
The schemata have errors (detailed above) which the adjustment workflow can
not fix.
If you are not developing Phabricator itself, report this issue to the
If you are developing Phabricator, these errors usually indicate that your
schema specifications do not agree with the schemata your code actually
ANALYZE Analyzing tables...
ANALYZED Analyzed 536 table(s).