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Revisit Calendar Home

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chad, Feb 6 2014
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Feb 7 2014, 7:02 PM
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This revisits, or maybe visit for the first time, the Calendar Homepage. It's powered by Application Search allowing people to build different sets of Calendars they may want to track (teams, projects, people, etc). It forgo's a month view and instead relies on a rolling 7 days, with optional day view for organization.

I can see some possible use for a monthly view (maybe for planning purposes), so not entirely sold on dropping it, but heavily recommending not having it be a default.

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  • Back one day
  • Pick day by calendar picker
  • Edit your calendar view (start time, end time)
  • Up one day
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Saved Calendar Queries

Project Calendar?

All Day events.

Should add another crumb level here for the 17th-23rd

Could take you to a month view

Could take you to a month view.

This sidebar, should always be Today + 6, regardless of what date is on the day view on the right. Maybe highlight the date on the left if it is active? Fixing this sidebar time-wise will likely mean we need a month view.

this looks very nice :3

I am headed back to bed in a second but will look at / attempt to implement this tomorrow

I think we should probably retain the month view in some form, but am with you on not making it the default. At least personally, I usually use the month view when scheduling a meeting, but only really in this specific goal-oriented workflow.

Although I need to play with it more, one thing we could try with the sidebar which would make this view a little more flexible on arbitrary queries is to make the default window be Today + 6, but let it extend to Today + infinity intelligently -- for example, if you query for all Christmas events, it could show:

- Christmas!

Dec 26 2014 - Dec 24 2015
- Clear Sailing for 364 days

Dec 25 2015
- Christmas!

Dec 26 2015 - Dec 24 2016
- Clear Sailing for 364 days

That would let us take any arbitrary list of events and always be able to render something sensible using this view, without requiring a time window be put on top of the view. I'm not sure how useful this actually is, and disrupting the relationship between visual space and time might be confusing, but I like the idea of being able to say "for any arbitrary list of events you want to look at, we can give you a sensible-looking representation of them in each of the view modes".

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Week numbers - big in europe, also nice to quickly find 'this week' when scheduling.

Today - keeping it simple with just 4px of top and bottom borders.

I'll detail these dialogs out in a new mock.