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Phriction Document Layout Rework

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Notable Changes

Link to Document Index

It's up in the crumbs bar now - hidden for pages of the document index itself. I always hated it when it appeared above the content.

Use of tags

Color-coding makes the status of the current document faster comprehensible. You don't have to read the (error) messages anymore to understand it. Just like Maniphest / Differential, a fast skim is enough to know the current state.

Property List

I'm using the property list so information like Last updated on ... and This doc belongs to project ... do not get mashed into the content text. Less confusion.

I also took the freedom to add the description - if it's available. So you can do sth like Still under construction or Will fix up this mess. Or write a funny introduction.

NOTE: Currently, everything is stub and non-functional. Assume placeholders until you see code.

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AnhNhan created Phriction Document Layout Rework.Mar 14 2013, 7:54 AM
AnhNhan added subscribers: epriestley, chad, btrahan.

Lol, I nearly mistook this for Maniphest. Ha ha!

Seems like a lot of less-than-useful information to force me to scroll. Could the metadata about the document be hidden by default?

Inline Comments

Placeholder, to be nuked.

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