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Mock Description

New NUX flows.

  • Divide Welcome into two pages, Installation and Quick Start
  • Installation is "complete" by using Phacility, but incomplete during self install"
  • New homepage is a pre-built dashboard - Code Review, Repositories, Tasks, Feed, Commits.
  • Required Notification click gets user to new Welcome flow.
  • These are from Phacility POV as an admin, but can be extended to other use cases.

Open Questions

  • Need to teach user how to get back to Config -> Welcome?
  • Actual Rooster panel on homepage that persists until closed might be easier to use.

Event Timeline

@epriestley I'm starting to code this out, at least I'm starting on PHUICMSView for the layout. Did you have any passing thoughts or ways to make this better?

I like the installation / quick start split. Feels good to me for installs in general and should also give us good behavior in the Phacility cluster.

(I could maybe even imagine splitting it out a bit more, e.g., put "Personalization" on a separate quest with Phabricator logo/header/footer stuff and display things in Settings, or split "Code Review" and "Project Management" into separate quests.)

The yellow notification bubble feels a little unnecessary / maybe annoying. Are you thinking that welcome is separate from home (i.e., we don't replace home with this flow)? I tend to think home + notification is a bad first screen and we should just ship you into this flow directly until you finish it, and just give you an easy way to say "skip this noise", as these mocks do.

I don't have great ideas about getting back into this flow if you skip it or just want to review stuff, but that does seem important to me. It would be nice if this was something that you could always usefully come back and reference, partly because it will make it easier for us to test it and find bugs if it isn't this secret thing that we never see. Maybe:

  • Persistent link at the bottom of the main nav?
  • Persistent link in the help menu (maybe change the icon for that menu to a book, too)?

One thing we could do is add a task to "find your way back to the quest tracker by using the menu" or whatever to make sure users know where the link is. Until they complete that task, it could flash/animate in the UI or whatever so it would be hard to miss.

I don't know if we can really build content here that anyone would ever want to get back to, but it would conceptually be nice if updating gave you new entries in the quest tracker that you could look through to explore new stuff. Some of this is really scoping quest tracker wildly out of "admin setup" into "tutorial for all users", though. I don't know how far we want to go in that direction.

I assumed you prefered "choose your own adventure" so I didn't want to lock you into NUX and replace Home, but this page works well either way. The bubble was an alternate way of guiding you to checking out the Welcome Screen. If we're replacing home, no need to find ways back to it. I have a dialog which pops up when you complete and tells you where to find welcome again if you want to.

Yeah, totally fine with replacing home. I think hitting this first and then having a way to skip it is good.

I assume some users will immediately click "skip", mash "ok" on the dialog without reading it, and then never earn valuable quest points. But it's easy to add ways to get back here if we later if we eventually turn it into more of a guidebook or "new features in this update" guide or whatever.

I should have something to you tomorrow

Should I just put this officially into a Guides app, or keep it squirreled away in Config. I suspect if these do well we'll build others.

Yeah, I think splitting it out is reasonable. There are a lot of reasonable ways forward that make this more of a standalone app, and it's going to need its own storage to keep track of stuff you skipped, I think. We could probably shoehorn it into Config but I don't think there's any real downside/cost to splitting it.

I don't think this is the same app as "Adventure" (user-authored step-by-step guides / decision-based user-authored diagnostic guides), although maybe it is? But we can deal with that later. I also don't think there's any real demand for "Adventure", I just really like that app conceptually.