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chad, Apr 4 2015
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Looking at improving Global Search, mostly by surfacing Advanced search items into a dropdown menu.

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In this, "Search All" is always the default and top item, in any application or on home. "Phriction Only" would only surface when inside Phriction, or "Maniphest Only" when inside Maniphest, but always as the 2nd item and not selected by default. Advanced Search always appears.

Is this a modal dropdown which persists across pages, or do I type my query first and then select an action from the dropdown?

I don't want to change the current behavior, so typing text and hitting enter would do the same it does today. The dropdown is just if you want the text to perform a more advanced, non global, search.

If you mean 'sticky', I'd say wait and see if it's needed.

Yeah, I mean sticky. This feels a lot more useful to me if it's sticky, but I'm not sure how "advanced search" and "search all" are different if it's sticky.

@qgil had mentioned once that people didn't understand how to get to advanced search, so added a link here which just takes you there. I see your point though.

When researching this UI last night, Amazon came closest to our problem.

Alrighty, how this direction? It's a little more clear what you're searching (text instead of icons) and Advanced Search has been moved out.

I'd be concerned still on sticky behavior, do you just to match current sticky behavior in Advanced Search (as in, top query is returned). Or do you imagine in app being sticky as well (if I selected Phriction in Phriction, then "app search" is my default preference?

Yeah, I'd make the app search be something like "Current Application" and it works like "All" if you're in a weird application like Settings or Auth or whatever.

I'd get rid of the "top query returned" behavior if we adopt this, to make things simpler. "All" would always mean "all", never "top query among saved queries".

Sounds like a plan, need any more UI?

I have this partially implemented but am shifting off this for a bit and probably won't get back to it for a couple of days:

Screen_Shot_2015-04-20_at_1.41.52_PM.png (401×561 px, 37 KB)