Last-Minute Pup Adventures

Hosted by epriestley on Feb 7 2017 - Feb 9 2017, All Day.


Barking! Digging! Running around! So many adventures!



Event Timeline

I just dropped her off at daycare but I will submit proof that she is alive and unharmed after I pick her up this evening.

So far we have not had too many adventures, but she was pretty concerned about some big mushrooms growing in the back yard last night. After investigation, we have determined that mushrooms are weird but not very scary. I did not allow her to determine if mushrooms are tasty or not.

Meanwhile, the cat has decided that the rule of law is no longer in effect. However, I do not recall formally agreeing to take care of the cat.

(To avoid dashing your hopes, the pup is almost 2 years old at this point so she is a mostly-adult puppy, or what you might refer to as a "woofer" or "doggo".)

Here is a picture from this morning but she was a little confused that we were wasting time taking pictures (boring) instead of going straight to daycare.

pup.jpg (1ร—800 px, 127 KB)

In exchange, here is a cat on a mat trying to do some yoga. Not my cat, but she was at an airbnb I stayed at and my decision to not steal her came down to a coin toss

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