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Adding GitUploadArchiveWorkFlow
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Authored by bluehawk on Jul 18 2014, 9:03 PM.
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The command git archive HEAD some/path/or/file can be used to get a tar ball of certain files or folders out of a remote repository. This adds support so that this works in Phabricator.

Test Plan

Run git archive commit-ish path > path.tar for example git archive --remote=git@phabricator.local:diffusion/TEST HEAD testfile > testfile.tar.

You can also just extract the file right away by piping to tar git archive --remote=git@phabricator.local:diffusion/TEST HEAD testfile | tar -x

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This is something we use at our company, but it looks like no one else has asked for it. It's a useful way to extract files or folders as an archive out of a remote repository.

For example: extracting dog.php from my local phabricator TEST repo:

undefined (205×631 px, 19 KB)

This is probably fine but I need to research this in more detail before I can review it.