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don't add email addresses to CC if they are already in TO

Authored by talshiri on Jul 18 2014, 1:18 AM.



Some mailers remove the duplicate entries themselves, but some (Mailgun) don't.
This affects installations with set to false, and will cause

  • ugly looking "to" entries. Gmail, for example, collapses to+cc entries to one list, so you get something that looks like "to: me me john"
  • It sometimes causes duplicate delivery of the same message when used in conjuction with Google Groups. I suspect that their message de-dup mechanism is confused by it (I fuzzed it directly with Mailgun, and saw the same message delivered twice - once directly through mailgun, and bounced again through Google Groups). This doesn't happen when the entries are not duplicated.
Test Plan

Created some tasks. Added subscribers. Things seem to work reasonably well.

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This is bad if you have "Cc" mail client rules and expect them to identify objects you're subscribed to, but in theory everyone "should" be using X-Phabricator-Cc, and I'm not sure this rule is useful anyway.

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