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Changed \$callsign to \$argv[1] on commit_hook.php since is undefined causing an error when trying to report an error.

Authored by mullanaphy on Jan 9 2014, 6:05 PM.



Phabricator was going to give me an error message via commit_hook.php, unfortunately said error wasn't being set since
\$callsign was undefined. So, just changed \$callsign to \$argv[1] and now I get the appropriate commit.

Test Plan
  1. Add commit_hook.php to an SVN pre-commit.
  2. Set the SVN to be hosted off of Phabricator.
  3. Attempt to commit to commit to SVN repository.

Expected: Error message saying that the repository isn't hosted on Phabricator
Results: Error message saying undefined function.

Diff Detail

Lint Skipped
Tests Skipped

Event Timeline

Aw yeah, I now feel productive enough today with something so small.

Now back to replacing JIRA, Confluence, and FishEye with Phabricator at work. Thanks. :D

(We have lint rules which normally catch this stuff, but they only run on actual library source files (in src/) since they include library-specific stuff. In the long term we should probably do a better job of getting wider coverage, we just have very little code outside of src/ so it has rarely come up.)