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Work around broken PHP fwrite() on nonblocking pipes

Authored by epriestley on Dec 9 2013, 4:35 PM.
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Fixes T4219. See comments. PHP returns 0 when writing to nonblocking pipes for both "everything is OK, but this pipe is blocked, so you should wait a little bit and try again" and "nothing is OK, this pipe is broken forever".

This was causing an busy loop in ssh-exec, where it would check if stderr was writable, see it was, try to write to it, get a 0-length write, interpret that as "wait a bit", wait for it to become writable (i.e., immediately!), try to write again, etc.

This was the best workaround I could come up with. I think it should be pretty safe; I'm not aware of any temporary condition or event which can make a pipe unwritable after a select says it's writable other than a write.

Test Plan

Ran git pull a bunch of times and ^C'd it partway through. Previously I could leave a busy process eating a CPU on the server about 50% of the time, depending how good my timing was. I can no longer generate these processes.

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