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Support SVN pre-commit hoooks

Authored by epriestley on Dec 2 2013, 10:32 PM.



Ref T4189. This adds SVN support, which was a little more messy than I though. Principally, we can not use PHABRICATOR_USER for Subversion, because it strips away the entire environment for "security reasons".

Instead, use --tunnel-user plus svnlook author to figure out the author.

Also fix "ssh://" clone URIs, which needs to be "svn+ssh://".

Test Plan
  • Made SVN commits through the hook.
  • Made Git commits, too, to make sure I didn't break anything.

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epriestley updated this revision to Unknown Object (????).Dec 2 2013, 10:33 PM
  • Fix argument order in an exception message.

cool, just an inline about how it works


so when does this check get done now?


We'll never get here if the user doesn't have PUSH -- they'll be rejected as early as possible, before they send any data (in the case of SVN, before they send more than a few frames of data).

(I'll probably put this check back into the HookEngine just to be extra safe, though.)