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Introduce "DiffusionCommitGraphView", which unifies "HistoryListView" and "HistoryTableView"
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Authored by epriestley on Fri, Jul 10, 6:20 PM.
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Ref T13552. Currently, commit lists are sometimes rendered as an object list and sometimes rendered as a table. There are two separate views for table rendering.

Add a fourth view ("list, with a graph") with the eventual intent of unifying all the other views. For now, this only replaces "HistoryListView" -- and needs some more work to really be a convincing replacement.

Test Plan
  • Looked at "History" in Diffusion, saw an ugly view with all the information we want.
  • Grepped for "HistoryListView", no hits.

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Buildable 24772
Build 34168: Run Core Tests
Build 34167: arc lint + arc unit

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epriestley created this revision.Fri, Jul 10, 6:20 PM
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