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If there's an anchor in the URL in Differential, don't stick to the bottom of the page as content loads

Authored by epriestley on May 16 2017, 5:21 PM.
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Fixes T11784. A lot of things are interacting here, but this probably gets slightly better results slightly more often?


  • When we load content, we try to keep the viewport "stable" on the page, so the page doesn't jump around like crazy.
  • If you're near the top or bottom of the page, we try to stick to the top (e.g., reading the summary) or bottom (e.g., writing a comment).
  • But, if you followed an anchor to a comment that's close to the bottom of the page, we might stick to the bottom intead of staying with the anchor.

Kind of do a better job by not sticking to the bottom if you have an anchor. This will get things wrong if you follow an anchor, scroll down, start writing a comment, etc. But this whole thing is a pile of guesses anyway.

Test Plan
  • Followed an anchor, saw non-sticky stabilization.
  • Loaded the page normally, scrolled to the bottom real fast, saw sticky stabilization.

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