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Add --project option to 'arc tasks' workflow.

Authored by mholden on Mar 26 2015, 5:52 AM.
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I kept wanting this feature, so I gave it a shot.

Adds support for filtering the arc tasks output to a specific project:
$ arc tasks --project {project or project hashtag}

Test Plan
  1. Tested output when no project or matching hashtag is found (throws exception)
  2. Tested that output is filtered when a correct project or hashtag is specified
  3. Tested that it works correctly in conjunction with existing options.

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rARC Arcanist
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Build 5002: [Placeholder Plan] Wait for 30 Seconds

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mholden retitled this revision from to Add --project option to 'arc tasks' workflow..
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mholden added a reviewer: Blessed Reviewers.

I just realized I blew right through the contribution guidelines and didn't open a task for this first.. let me know if I should.

Come to think of it I'm not sure if I even assigned it to the right reviewers :)


We have a Herald rule make sure the right reviewers are added, which is Blessed Reviewers

Oh -- so I had it right the first time? (I'd added blessed_reviewers myself because i'd seen it somewhere).

@epriestley – any idea when you'll have time to consider this submission?

@mholden feature submissions can take a loooong time to review. :sadpanda: We generally prefer things as tasks first so feedback on features can happen before code. Mostly, we are signing up for long term support, documentation, and upkeep when submissions are taken - so unless it's 'obvious', it can take a long time to get actual feedback without a task.

Contrib guide:

T4778 has a little more on how we prioritize.

Ok thanks! No worries at all. Also, will definitely open a task first in the future

The user @johnny-bit sent me a message asking me to create a Maniphest task for this diff, as he'd like to subscribe to it and give it a +1.

I'll do that now. I still understand that it could be some time before my patch gets considered and/or reviewed.

@epriestley Your comments in T7715 make perfect sense -- should I abandon this revision?

Yeah, I don't want to pursue adding more flags so this probably doesn't make sense in the upstream.

Closing per above discussion.